T20 World Cup 2022: UAE vs Netherlands features Kashmir willow bats


Players from the UAE national cricket team have been seen using bats made of Kashmiri willow during a T20 World Cup match between the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands. In the T20 World Cup 2022, four players from the UAE squad were using Kashmiri bats, said Fawzul Kabeer, owner of GR8 Sports. 

Zahoor Khan, a versatile player, Kashif Daud, Junaid Siddique, and Fahad Nawaz are a few of these. GR8 Sports’ protection equipment will be used by these athletes in addition to bats.

When Kashmir Willow bats were used by two Oman players, Bilal Khan and Naseem Khushi, at the ICC T20 World Cup last year, Fawzul gave the region’s bat business fresh hope.

What did Kabeer say earlier?

“The T20 World Cup is the perfect venue for us to spread the word about our company and our goods. I have worked very hard, visited many cricket-playing countries, and told them about the Kashmir-Willow bat, which is a less expensive substitute for English willow, said Kabeer.

While participating in International Cricket Council (ICC) qualifiers in Dubai in April and May of this year, the players signed the deal.

“We had a difficult time getting our bats on the international scene. We worked really hard on this, and the ICC Cricket Academy was quite helpful in helping us accomplish our goal. Our understanding of the numerous willows used in the production of bats has also been significantly influenced by the Sher e Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology (SKUAST), according to Kabeer.

In addition, he expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the many artisans engaged, congratulating them for their leadership and commitment to the effective design and shape of their goods.

“We anticipate that demand will continue to be robust and will sustain the expansion of a sector that has long been in jeopardy. The industry has great potential and will help reduce unemployment in the region, according to Kabeer.

A long time ago, the Kashmiri bat business was established, and every year since, the valley has produced thousands of bats.

“With the aid of modern technology, we have raised the bar and now use Computer Monitored Compression (CMC) to give accuracy, precision, and compression right from the bat. Our organisation is the only one to use this technique, according to Kabeer.”

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