T20 World Cup: Namibia’s victory against Sri Lanka may increase the difficulties of the Indian team


The T20 World Cup has started in Australia and there was a big mishmash on the very first day. Namibia’s team defeated Asia Cup champion Sri Lanka. Namibia surprised the entire cricket world with this performance. At the same time, this victory of his can also have an effect on the Indian team.

The team of Sri Lanka and West Indies were considered to be favorites to reach the Super-12 stage. Actually eight teams are competing to reach the Super-12 stage and the team of Sri Lanka and West Indies is the strongest of them all. However, Namibia surprised by defeating Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan team, which recently won the Asia Cup, lost by 55 runs.

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However, this defeat can also have an impact on Team India led by Rohit Sharma. According to the format of the T20 World Cup 2022, there are two groups in the initial stage. The winner team of Group A and the runner up team of Group B will get a place in the group of Afghanistan, England, Australia and New Zealand in the Super 12 stage. Whereas the winner team of Group B and the runner up team of Group A will get a place in the group of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa in the Super-12 stage.

India’s group can become ‘Group of Death’

Before the start of the tournament, everyone expected that Sri Lanka in Group 1 and the West Indies team would go ahead in Group 2. However, the defeat of Sri Lanka changed the whole math. If Sri Lanka now wins their remaining matches from here and Namibia also wins consecutively, then Sri Lanka will be the runner up of Group A and they will come in the group of Indian teams in the Super-12 stage. On the other hand, if West Indies stay on top in Group B, then they will also come in the group of Indian teams. In such a situation, the Indian team group with India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa will become very difficult. It will then become the Group of Death.


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