ICC has changed all these rules of cricket, will be applicable in T20 World Cup


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made some changes in the rules after the Men’s Cricket Committee led by former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly recommended changes in playing conditions in the third edition of the MCC’s 2017 Rules of Cricket. The new rules will come into effect from 1 October 2022. Accordingly, the T20 World Cup 2022 will be played on the basis of the new rule.

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Know about the new rules

Catch Out Rule:

 When a batsman is caught out, the new batsman will come to play on strike. Changing or not changing the crease of the dismissed batsman will not affect it.

Use of saliva:

The use of saliva to shine the ball was temporarily banned in cricket due to the coronavirus. Then the use of saliva was temporarily banned. But the cricket committee has now considered this rule as well and has stopped it permanently.

Time for a new batsman to take strike: 

When a new batsman comes on strike after a player is out, he has to come on strike within 2 minutes in Test and ODI matches. Whereas in T20 International this time has been fixed at 90 seconds.

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Striker Batsman’s right to play the ball:

This is restricted, as the bat or batter must be inside the pitch at the time of play. If the batsman is forced to come off the pitch, it will be the umpire’s call to declare him a dead ball. If a ball forces the batter to come off the pitch, the umpire will declare it a no ball.

Wrong behavior on the part of the fielding team: 

If a bowler commits some inappropriate behavior or intentional wrongdoing while bowling (runup), the umpire can take action on it. Also, while putting a penalty, the batting can also add 5 runs to the team’s account.

Runout of a non-striker: 

If a non-striker walks out of the crease before the bowler bowls the ball, then if the bowler runs out that batsman, it was earlier considered ‘unfair play’, but now it is considered a runout Will go

Throwing the ball at the striker before delivery:

A bowler takes a run-up to bowl the ball and sees the batsman standing ahead of the crease before coming into the delivery stride. If the bowler then throws the ball towards the striker with the intention of getting out, it will be called a dead ball.


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