Virat Kohli speaks about his form ahead of Asia Cup 2022


The former India captain feels that there isn’t much room for course correction despite the fact that he has gone nearly three years without scoring an international hundred across all formats. The cause of this is that he isn’t experiencing any specific technique issues, unlike the one he did during the 2014 England trip when he was prodding at deliveries on the off-stump channel.

In contrast to 2014, he has not noticed any particular pattern in his protracted form dip, but Virat Kohli’s success in international cricket over such a long period of time would not have been possible without his resilience in the face of adversity.

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Virat Kohli speaks about his form

On the Star Sports program “Game Plan,” Kohli stated that he is aware of where his game stands and that one cannot advance this far in an international career without the capacity to respond to a variety of environmental factors and bowling styles. Therefore, he finds this phase to be simpler for him to process, yet he does not want to leave this phase behind. Then he described how a pattern of dismissals was discovered on that tour, and how, following technical modifications, the 2018 tour saw nearly 600 runs scored.

“There was a pattern to what happened in England, so it was something I could work on and had to sort of conquering. Currently, as you correctly highlighted, there is nothing that can be pointed out to indicate that the issue is occurring here “Kohli said.

But recently, Kohli has been dismissed in various ways, including by rising deliveries, fuller balls, swinging deliveries, cutters, off-spin, leg-spin, and left-arm spin. In his opinion, when there are no patterns, that is the best thing that could have happened. According to him, it is really simpler for him to process since he is aware when he is hitting well and, occasionally, when he regains his rhythm, he is aware that he is hitting well.

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Kohli getting ready for Asia Cup

The ups and downs that come with being a professional athlete are something Kohli is aware of as he prepares for the Asia Cup. He made sure he understood that there are ups and downs and that he would need to be consistent once he emerged from this phase. He holds his experiences in high regard.


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