T20 World Cup 2022: Semi final Qualification Scenarios for Group 2 Teams


South Africa is in first place in Group 2’s points table with 5 points. With 4 points each, India and Bangladesh are in second place behind South Africa. Let’s take a look at the Semi final Qualification Scenarios for Group 2 Teams.

South Africa

The tournament’s second-best team thus far has been South Africa. South Africa, like New Zealand, hasn’t lost yet but did have an unlucky downpour. A victory (likely against the Netherlands) should be sufficient for them to reach the top four with 5 points from 3 games. Their prospects of taking first place in the group would only be diminished with a loss against Pakistan.


India, now in third place in the competition, has two victories in as many games, including a decisive victory over Pakistan. Their winning streak, however, was damaged by a defeat to South Africa. India would now need to win both of their games because, should Zimbabwe defeat the Netherlands, a quarterfinal matchup against India is possible.


Pakistan is in chaos this season after suffering two significant losses and just one victory in the T20 World Cup 2022 thus far. Following South Africa’s victory over India, they are just about to disqualify from the semifinals. Without a doubt, Pakistan will need to win both of their games and then pray that South Africa loses against Netherlands and Bangladesh and Zimbabwe lose against India. They will have a solid chance of qualifying only then.


With 4 points after 3 games, Bangladesh is now in strong contention for one of the last four slots. However, they must first defeat Pakistan and India, two formidable foes. They will undoubtedly need to win both of their games in order to advance to the Semifinals. They cannot risk losing to Pakistan. Furthermore, they will need South Africa and Pakistan to lose both of their games if they lose against India.


With a solid victory against Pakistan so far throughout their campaign, Zimbabwe has enjoyed a fair amount of success. Even with that victory, though, their chances of qualifying for the semi-finals don’t seem that promising. They will need to triumph in their games against India and the Netherlands. In the event that they defeat the Netherlands, India vs. Zimbabwe may play in the knockout round.


The Netherlands has been eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2022.

So, that’s how all Group 2 teams will qualify for the T20 World Cup in 2022’s semifinals. Overall, South Africa and New Zealand have the best chances of making it to the semi-final. India and Australia appear to be the next-best teams in terms of qualifying, with England and Zimbabwe having a slight possibility.

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