Watch Ramiz Raja Snatches Indian Journalist’s Phone


Ramiz Raja has always confronted directly on every matter, whether people liked it or not, ever since he became the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). He was consistently in the news thanks to his heated press conferences and straightforward approach to every subject.

Ramiz Raja, however, could have simply gone too far during Sunday’s Asia Cup final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Dubai. He acted in a totally unexpected and inappropriate manner toward an Indian journalist who had asked what could be considered a normal question.

Ramiz Raja snatches the phone of a journalist

After Pakistan’s 23-run defeat to Sri Lanka, Ramiz Raja was leaving the Dubai International Stadium when a few media members and spectators surrounded him to get his take on the game. One of them, an Indian journalist, asked him whether he had any advice for the people of Pakistan, who must be disappointed following the setback in the tournament. The question clearly incensed Ramiz, who then began correcting the reporter for using the word “awam” (common people).

The journalist did his utmost to get Ramiz to understand that the question wasn’t intended as a jab at Pakistan fans, but Ramiz paid little attention and eventually took hold of the journalist’s phone to end the recording.

What was the conversation?

The journalist asked Ramiz Raja if there was a message for the people because he believed they must be unhappy. You must be from India, Ramiz said in response, and your people must be quite happy. No, we’re not pleased, the journalist replied. The journalist then said that he had seen Pakistani supporters return home in tears following the defeat, and he questioned Ramiz as to whether or not he was speaking incorrectly.

Ramiz Raja was then spotted attempting to steal the journalist’s phone. The drama did not finish there. Another fan who had gotten too close for comfort and kept his arms over his shoulder was warned by Ramiz. Ramiz requested him to refrain from touching him and told him to move away from the camera.

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