Watch: Ball hits the stumps but batsman remained not out, bizarre video went viral!


Today in the T20 World Cup, there was a match between Australia and Ireland. A funny incident happened in this match, which left everyone surprised. Even the commentators themselves did not understand how this happened.

In this match, Australia won by 42 runs against Ireland. During Ireland’s innings, a batsman completely missed a ball. The ball hit the stumps. Despite this the batsman was not out.

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Actually, Ireland was batting in the second innings in this match. Josh Hazlewood came to bowl the first over for Australia. He completely dodged the batsman on the fourth ball and the ball hit the top of the stumps. Touching the stumps, the ball then traveled to the hands of the wicketkeeper.

For a moment everyone thought the batsman was out. The commentators doing the commentary in the match also thought the same. But the wicketkeeper stopped appealing suddenly and the batsman was not out. Everyone was surprised to see this.

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After this it was understood in the replays that the ball did touch the wicket but the bails of the wicket did not come off and according to the rules, if the bails do not fall, then the batsman is not considered out. The video of this surprising incident has also been shared by the ICC on its official Instagram account.

Watch the video here:


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