‘Not everyone is Ravindra Jadeja,’ Mayanti Langer tells Sanjay Manjrekar during the 2022 Asia Cup


When discussing the Sunday penalties for India and Pakistan’s slow over rates, Mayanti Langer makes fun of Sanjay Manjrekar by calling him Ravindra Jadeja.

On the pre-match broadcast for the Asia Cup game between Afghanistan and Bangladesh, anchor Mayanti Langer poked fun at veteran commentator Sanjay Manjrekar.

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Due to the ICC’s new rule to combat slow over rate, both India’s and Pakistan’s bowling on Sunday came under scrutiny as both teams had to bring an additional fielder inside the 30-yard circle in the last overs.

With these additional field constraints, Pakistan bowled their final three overs while India was two overs past the stipulated time.

Prior to Tuesday’s match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh, former cricketers Sanjay Manjrekar and Scott Styris engaged in a conversation on this topic. However, host Mayanti Langer stole the night when she made a joke on Ravindra Jadeja directed at Sanjay Manjrekar.

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New Zealand all-rounder Scott Styris commented on the subject on Star Sports, saying, “We have noticed that a lot of spinners don’t appear to like to bowl in the death. Even the legendary Rashid Khan doesn’t like it too much. You must alter your entire plan on the lines he must bowl in particular if you have one less fielder to protect. Instead of having fielders on both sides, teams would only just need to defend one side of the line. Therefore, those are the adjustments that must be made, and as a result, they must now finish their tasks a bit earlier.

“One very brief proposal and a pretty simple technique,” Manjrekar remarked in his one-line contribution. Simply bowl your overs more quickly.

But at this point, Mayanti made fun of Sanjay by remarking, “Sanjay, not everyone is Ravindra Jadeja. I was forced to.

Langer said, “See I just received a ‘gone one’ from Sanjay,” to Manjrekar’s “excellent one.”

Ravindra Jadeja is known for finishing his overs quickly, but now that the captains are feeling the strain from the new rules, they will need their bowlers to finish their overs more rapidly.


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